What is a Design Patent?

A design patent hk https://www.accoladeip.com/hk/en/patent-fee-schedule/ is a form of intellectual property protection that protects the ornamental appearance of products. They can be a powerful way to keep competitors at bay and prevent them from copying your design. They are less popular than utility patents, but can be very effective at stopping copycat designs. They can be easier and cheaper to obtain than utility patents, and can help keep your business in business.


A design patent is a type of US patent that protects a product’s appearance. It is distinct from utility patents, which protect an apparatus, method, process or system.

The term “design” refers to the ornamental shape, contour, texture or other visual characteristics of an article of manufacture. The ornamental features must be separable from the function of the object and must not affect how it works.

In contrast to utility patent applications, design patents contain only a single claim and require the presentation of drawings that clearly depict the appearance being protected. The drawings must be of high quality and follow a set of guidelines.

The filing and prosecution of a design patent application is an undertaking that requires specialized knowledge of patent law and practice. An experienced Orange County intellectual property attorney or agent can best help clients secure the strongest possible patent protection. In addition, they can guide them through the entire process from filing to obtaining the patent.


The purpose of a design patent is to protect the appearance or unique structure of a product. It is a relatively new option in the intellectual property space, but it has gained a reputation as an important asset in highly competitive markets such as the software and gaming industries.

As with utility patents, it is often best to consult a lawyer when filing for a design patent. This is especially true if you have a complicated or sophisticated design.

A good lawyer can help you navigate the process of applying for a design patent and answer all your questions along the way. They will also help you find the design patent which best suits your needs. This may include designing a design to suit your product or even helping you decide if it is even worthy of protection in the first place. In addition, they can assist you with a thorough search of the prior art to determine if your invention has already been patented in some other form or another.


A design patent hk is a great tool for protecting products with an innovative appearance. This is because the configuration and appearance of a product are often as important to customers as the function and performance of an actual device.

A good design patent application includes clear and detailed drawings that illustrate the invention. As with utility patents, each drawing should be carefully crafted to avoid unnecessary and non-essential lines.

The drawings should also contain enough information to fully explain the claimed design. Different views of the design should be provided if possible, including front, top, bottom and side views.

It should be noted that the most difficult part of a design patent application is deciding which features to include in the drawings and what order to depict them. This decision can be difficult to make, especially if you have not done your research or are unfamiliar with the subject matter. The most efficient way to go about this process is to hire a patent attorney.


Design patents provide protection for the visual characteristics, configuration and surface ornamentation of an article. It does not protect functional or structural features of the article, such as how it works.

The primary requirement for a design patent is a set of drawings (or photographs). The drawings must fully disclose the design as to all surfaces, including the front, rear, right and left sides, top and bottom.

Moreover, the drawings must be in black ink on a white paper. There is no provision in law that permits coloured drawings/photographs in a single application, but an applicant can petition for pre-approval by the USPTO if satisfied with the reason for providing coloured drawings/photographs.

When the application is examined, it will be compared to “prior art,” which is published or issued patents, to determine if the claimed design is valid and enforceable. If the claim is rejected, the examiner will issue an Office action. The action explains the reason for the rejection and gives instructions to complete the process of allowing a design patent.

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