Tips For Hiring a Moving Company

If you’re planning to relocate, hiring a 海外搬運 company is an excellent idea. But you need to make sure that you choose a licensed and insured company. If you’re moving to an apartment building, co-op, or condo complex, you may need to see proof of insurance and licensing. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to choose a company that can accommodate any special needs.


If you’re considering hiring a moving company, you should understand what taxes will apply. In many states, moving companies must collect sales tax from their customers on packing materials. Additionally, they must segregate taxable storage charges from non-taxable storage charges. In some cases, moving companies will not charge sales tax on the storage charges if the mover can provide the proper paperwork.

Moving expenses include fuel, parking fees, and highway tolls. The IRS also allows you to deduct expenses for mileage if your move involves long distances.


Before you hire a 海外搬運 company, it is important to check the company’s license. It will provide you with information on the mover’s experience level and qualifications. Having a valid license ensures that the company is legitimate, and will ensure a smoother move for you. If the company does not have the appropriate licensing, you may find it difficult to hire them or offer them a project.

If the company does not have a USDOT number, it may not be licensed to perform interstate moves. You can check this information on the USDOT website. You can also check on their insurance and reputation.


Moving companies offer a variety of insurance policies for their customers. In addition to providing basic liability protection, these policies cover a wide range of other costs. For example, they may pay for damaged goods caused by a collision, vandalism, or theft. Some of these policies are even mandatory. A good way to see if your moving company is covered is to ask for a copy of their policy.

In addition to standard liability insurance, a moving company should also have inland marine insurance. This policy protects against damage to property while on the job. It also covers employees’ medical expenses in the event of an accident.

Accessorial moving services

If you’re planning to move interstate, you may want to consider accessorial moving services. These services can help you pack and unpack, as well as handle appliance servicing and extra pick-ups and deliveries. These extras are often necessary due to landlord requirements or special circumstances. However, it’s important to know which services are considered “accessorial” and what they cost. Different moving companies charge different prices, so check to see if these extras are included in your quote.

Getting a moving quote

Before you hire a moving company, you should get at least three quotes from several companies. This way, you can spot red flags in the quotes. You should also know that a moving quote may change as the move gets closer. There are several factors that can influence the price of your move, including your current location, date of move, and size of move. Some factors may not affect the price of a moving quote, while others may make a big difference.

A good moving quote will include an itemized cost breakdown. This will ensure that you know where your money is going and why. Moving companies that refuse to provide this information are more likely to overcharge you. Moreover, the quote you receive may not include some hidden costs, including tolls, driver fees, or additional packing materials.

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