Remodeling Your Home to Include a Party Room

Whether it’s because someone busted out the hula hoop or everybody got too competitive with the Twister game, every party eventually has that one Bad Room. It’s the spot where the trickle of people leaving turns into a flood.

When designing your Party Room, consider movable furniture that can be shifted according to the theme and number of guests. This will help maximize traffic flow.


If you love entertaining guests, it might be worth considering remodeling your home to include a Party Room. The space should be large enough to accommodate your biggest parties, but also feel intimate when you only invite a few friends. It should be easily accessible to your kitchen for preparing food and snacks, and close to your entrance so you can greet your guests as they arrive.

When designing your party room, consider adding frameless interior glass doors. These sleek fixtures will exemplify your home’s beauty and create an inviting, spacious ambiance for your guests. To determine the total area of your party space, measure its length and width and multiply them to find its square footage. You can also use a calculator to calculate the volume of your party space. This will help you estimate the amount of furniture, decorations, and entertainment you can fit in your Party Room. This will ensure your guests have a comfortable, enjoyable experience.


There is a party room that seats up to 40 people and can be combined with the patio for a larger cocktail style setting. There is no fee to reserve but there are food/beverage minimums that vary depending on the day and time of the week. Food can be ordered catering style or off the menu.

The Party Room is a region accessed through the back passage of Lina’s Library room, first seen and explored in Petscop 9. It features a pathway with yellow pinwheels around it, and a large cake adorned with a number 9 on top and two presents on either side.

This speakeasy is a great space for birthday parties, surprise parties, wedding showers, bachelorette/bachelorette parties, bridal or baby showers, retirement celebrations and corporate events such as fantasy drafts or business meetings. You can even host a holiday party or a birthday party for the kids! Full buyouts are also available.


If you want your party to roar and not snooze, you’ll need plenty of entertainment to keep guests engaged. While small talk among friends can be fun, if it doesn’t generate enough energy, people may start to get bored and leave the room early.

Adding some party games or activities can be the perfect solution to keep guests entertained and having fun. Whether you choose a classic game like balloon popping or something more interactive, there’s sure to be a perfect option for your party.

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