How to Plan a Party Room

A Party Room must be spacious enough to accommodate all guests. It should also be designed with a variety of seating options, including couches, ottomans, and chairs. This will make the room more versatile and help your guests feel comfortable.

The first step in starting a party room business is to research your local market. This will give you a clear understanding of the competition and existing market dynamics.


Decorations are a fun way to carry your theme from room to room and can really make your party feel like a celebration. They can be simple or elaborate depending on your budget and the occasion.

Create a focal point with decorations at the entryway that lead guests into the main party space. Decorate ceilings and walls to carry your theme throughout the room.

There’s nothing that says party like streamers, balloons and confetti. Add some sparkle with shimmering swirls or a tasteful balloon chandelier and let the good times begin. Bubbles also add a joyful touch to any gathering. You can rent a bubble machine or lay out a tub of wands for everyone to enjoy.


Lighting is a key component of party room planning. The way your space is lit will communicate a mood and tone to your guests from the moment they walk in.

Rather than the harsh overhead light that comes on when you turn on the lights, consider replacing it with LED strip lights. These are simple to use and can be programmed to change color and brightness with a smartphone app. From stimulating neon yellow to blissful purple, you can create a beautiful glowing dance floor with the flick of a switch.

For areas where guests relax, try low-light settings such as a cozy den fireplace or gas logs on the patio. This is a nice way to keep people feeling comfortable without interrupting the overall party vibe.


The Party Room is a region first seen and largely explored in Petscop 9. It is accessed through the back passage of Lina’s Child Library room, and its contents reflect a celebration of some sort. The loading screen of the area depicts a blue party hat-shaped piece with an outdoor pathway surrounded by pinwheels, and the central area features a cake and two gift boxes.

The Party Room can be used to hold almost any type of event such as a gathering, wedding or baby shower, fan convention or business meeting, birthday celebration and more. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the Party Room unless you have guaranteed guest and/or entree counts one week prior to your scheduled event date.


For an extra level of elegance, set up a bar area away from where your guests enter the party space. This helps draw guests deeper into the party and reduces the chance that they’ll meet at the door for a drink or to drop off gifts and umbrellas. Also, consider the location of your cocktail station in terms of how your guests move throughout the party space; if there are entry/exit points on both sides of the room, make sure the bar is accessible from only one side.

Tip: Reduce the number of misplaced glasses by providing wine and cocktail tags. To make them, simply cut a piece of cardstock into a shape you like, tie to wire, and stick to the stem or base of a glass.


Depending on the age and number of guests, active party games are a great way to get everyone moving and talking to one another. Set up a game of jenga or a giant chess board and let the competition begin!

The Party Room is a region that can be entered in Lina’s Child Library room, first seen in Petscop 9 and mainly explored in Petscop 10. The area depicts a birthday party and includes interactive presents.

The Party Room is notable for being a place where fans can hold room parties, an activity that involves discussing fan fiction, Turkey Read performances, songvids and other activities. The close quarters and cigarette smoking can make the experience claustrophobic for some. However, it is a popular activity for many convention attendees.

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