How to Decorate a Party Room

The Party Room is a building in north-east Falador that players can use to hold drop parties. Items can be dropped into the room directly or indirectly from Party Balloons. The telegrab function cannot be used inside the room.

When designing a home party room, think about how people will flow in and out of the space. Adding frameless interior windows will exemplify your home’s beauty while creating a spacious ambiance for guests.


Adding tables and chairs to a room can help create a more social environment for guests. You can use them for food displays, cashier stations and even as the location for a wedding or birthday cake.

Long straight tables are usually around six feet in length and have a plywood top. They can seat 6-8 guests comfortably.

Round tables come in two sizes; a 60-inch table seats 8 guests and a 72-inch table seats 10 guests. Pedestal rounds are also available; they are adjustable between seated height and countertop height. This setup is great for facilitating discussion but can isolate attendees from each other during presentations or activities that require group participation.


Chairs can add a sense of elegance to your party space and can be dressed up for different themes. Resin chiavari chairs are popular with event rental companies because they have a classic look and can be dressed up easily with seat cushions, sashes, lacing, bows or chair covers.

Getting rid of extra clutter and positioning furniture against the walls can open up floor space for socializing and encourage serendipitous moments of conversation. Putting sofas on wheels allows you to readjust them easily to accommodate guests, and couches that convert into beds offer a convenient option for overnight guests. Using decorative drapes can also help to declutter and create a festive atmosphere for your party room.


The table linens you choose set the tone for your event. Whether you opt for simple white linens or something bolder, like black, your linens communicate the style of your occasion to guests.

Besides color and pattern, the fabric of your tablecloth is also important. Durable materials can help with spills and stains, and some are even machine-washable to reduce shrinking.

For casual events or birthday parties, a stain-resistant polyester tablecloth may be the best choice. This durable material is also washable, and it comes in a variety of sizes to fit your table. Alternatively, a cotton tablecloth offers a classic look with a natural feel that can suit any occasion.


Balloons are a fun and easy way to decorate any space. They come in a variety of colors and can be used for any occasion. You can also add a variety of accessories to make them more eye-catching.

Unlike some decorations, balloons are easy to clean up. Simply untie them or pop them, and then dispose of the remains.

A player can receive one of four follower pets from popping balloons in a Party Room: the Balloon cat, the Balloon dog, and the Balloon sheep. This feature, along with the ability to drink in the Party Room, makes it a popular place for players to gather and socialize.

String Lights

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or just want to give your space a little glow, there are plenty of ways to use string lights. These versatile ambient items add a romantic touch to any event or home decor.

Hang string lights over a dining area or fire pit to create an outdoor bistro vibe. Pottery Barn offers a set of standing posts that clamp onto a patio to hold the strings for easy installation.

Another simple way to use string lighting is to frame paintings or photographs with them. To do this, find two matching frames with clips on top. Then, feed one end of a string light into each clip and close the frames.


Decorate your party room using simple touches to enhance your chosen theme. For example, if you have a girls’ sleepover themed party, hanging paper cutouts on striped straws is a great way to add some fun decoration.

Alternatively, you can use a few inflatable decorations to help tie your theme together. These are available in a variety of shapes, including palm trees and treasure chests.

Create a photo booth for your guests. Make it instaworthy by adding in some cute props and a polaroid camera.

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