How to Decorate a Party Room

A party room game idea is a large room that allows you to host parties with food, drinks and games. These rooms usually have themed decorations that match the party’s theme and can hold a lot of people.

Ensure that your space is well-suited for hosting your party by planning ahead. This includes making sure that the doorway and passage to the party room is big enough to handle the flow of guests.

Hang Photos or Artwork

There are many ways to liven up the walls in a party room, depending on your theme. For example, if you are throwing a child’s race car themed birthday, red and yellow streamers or car printed banners hung over the walls and ceiling can rope off large activity areas while maintaining visual flow in the space.

You can also hang framed photographs or artwork that ties into the party theme. For example, photos of the guest of honor and their siblings at a wedding anniversary party or baby pictures for a newborn’s first birthday will fit right in.

When hanging art in rooms where people usually sit, remember to hang the work at a seated eye-level position. This means that the center of the painting should be 57-60 inches from the floor. For tall or soaring ceilings, the rule is slightly different and you may want to place the work higher, but make sure the height feels proportional to the wall and size of the piece.

Hang Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are cheap and simple party decorations that can go a long way in transforming your space. They can be used to create camera-worthy backdrops, beautiful balloon frames and stunning chairs decorations. They’re also easy to twist into ruffled streamers or make into crepe paper flowers for an easy DIY decor project.

To hang them, grab a few lengths at a time and attach them to a wall with tape. Repeat as needed to fill your room with a colorful background. This look works well for both monochromatic and rainbow color schemes.

For a more elaborate wall design, take a few lengths of the same color and twist them together about four or five times. Then secure them to the wall with more tape. Continue this process with other colors until you’ve covered your entire wall.

Hang Balloons

An arch of balloons is a great way to make an impression when you’re decorating the room for a birthday party. It’s a wonderful backdrop for photos, and it also makes an attractive feature above your table or gift display.

Balloons last longer indoors than they do outdoors, and air-filled balloons can last a few days or even a week when kept at an ideal temperature, according to the website for balloon retailer Party City. It’s a good idea to inflate the balloons the day before you plan to use them, so they have time to settle down before your guests arrive.

Create a balloon wall or ceiling by tying bunches of different-colored latex balloons together. You can use string, twine, ribbon or yarn for this project. For a neat effect, tie small pieces of washi tape in the party colors to the balloons. Alternatively, attach them with adhesive Velcro strips that you run along the ceiling.

Hang Candles

Candles are an easy way to set the mood for a party room game idea. Use tall tapered candles to create a bold display, or opt for a variety of shorter styles in varying colors for a calming effect. Some venues prohibit open flames, so choose safe battery-operated alternatives such as lanterns.

Make your own hanging candles by cutting pieces of cardstock that are about five inches wide. Then, eyeball the base of each candle where the wax is, and punch a hole in the paper. Thread fishing line through the holes, and tie above each candle. Then, cut the line at different lengths for a staggered look.

Floating candles are an elegant addition to any party. They add a touch of whimsy that’s sure to impress Harry Potter fans, for instance. Unify a collection by arranging them on a decorative tray, like this new or vintage metal one with a mirrored surface at Wayfair. This elevates the design and helps your guests see the lights better.

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