Galls carries a Variety of Tactical Gear

Combat Gear enhances a service member’s performance while on duty and protects them from whatever hazards they face. From tactical pants with cargo pockets to high-quality knives and multitools, Galls carries an array of reliable combat gear.

In 1947 a cotton combat uniform was introduced (Modele 47) based on a jacket inspired by the US 1943 pattern and loose trousers with two big cargo pockets.

Gun Belts

A good gun belt, also called a combat or battle belt, should be thick and rigid enough to support your gun and holster. A good gun belt will fit well and have a strong buckle that won’t break easily.

A good combat belt should be able to accommodate your holster position and have room for extra equipment like a hydration pack, medical kit or extra magazines. These combat belts are a staple for anyone that regularly uses a gun and wants to carry it comfortably. The 1791 Gunleather gun belt fits up to a 50 inch waist and features stainless steel set screws that won’t rust.

Tactical Pants

A good pair of tactical pants is an essential part of any combat uniform or gear. Tactical pants are made of rugged, abrasion-resistant materials and often have reinforced areas. Many models are also outfitted with systems for affixing and carrying equipment like sidearm holsters, knife pockets, and belt loops.

Some models are even equipped with camouflage patterns to provide concealment in specific environments. When shopping for tactical pants, remember that the best pair will be a little expensive but can provide greater durability and functionality. Make sure to consult the sizing chart for each brand you’re considering to ensure the proper fit. The ideal length of tactical pants will just graze the top of your boots, so that they don’t become a tripping hazard.

Tactical Vest

A tactical vest is a vest that allows you to carry essential gear in your chest for quick access. This can include extra rifle magazines, first aid kits and hydration bladders.

These vests are also designed for comfort. They are usually light and have several straps and pockets of different sizes to store everything you need. They are used by military personnel and law enforcement, but they can also be useful for hunters and fishers.

They can provide protection from stab and bullet threats, and they are more comfortable than traditional around-the-chest body armor. They can also be easily removed by medical staff if the wearer is incapacitated.

Body Armour

Body armour is designed to protect soldiers and other military personnel against various types of attacks. It can be stab and spike resistant, as well as ballistic.

Soft armor inner protective panels are normally lightweight and flexible. They can be inserted into outer carrier sleeves that are suitable for the level of protection required.

The latest US Army plate carrier is the Improved Outer Combat Gear (IOTV). It has a large drag handle on the back to allow comrades to haul a wounded wearer to safety, and a grid of MOLLE pouches for pistol holsters, mag pouches and grenade pouches. It can also accommodate a set of Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts that will withstand three hits from 7.62mm armour-piercing rounds.


Sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment in any military. Not only do they protect the eyes from UV rays but also against small fragments and projectiles. Military-grade sunglasses are also known as ballistic eyewear and come with a variety of lenses to suit the environment you’re in.

Some are tinted while others have a yellow or orange filter to reduce glare and increase visibility in low-light conditions. It’s important that you only wear MCEP or APEL-approved sunglasses. Those with these ratings have passed rigorous testing and have been approved by the U.S Army for use in combat or duty situations. Only sunglasses that have been rated with these standards are considered to be combat-ready.


Weapons are tools that increase a person’s destructive power, allowing them to kill or injure more people than would be possible without them. They include a broad array of instruments, including firearms, missiles and other futuristic devices.

Weaponry can also refer to the military equipment of a nation or group. The term has come to encompass the whole range of armed forces’ gear, as well as the military apparatus used in war.

Most weapons have a damage type (slashing, piercing and bludgeon) as well as a special property known as Ammunition. The latter means that a character must have the appropriate ammunition for their weapon to fire.

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